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The Foundational STEM Collaborative (FSC) leverages the resources of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences to build STEM knowledge through integrated foundational courses.

About the Foundational STEM Collaborative

The Collaborative promotes the academic and professional development needs of a diverse community of undergraduate students and faculty. It serves as a hub for all foundational STEM courses (in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics) required by over forty-seven science-focused undergraduate degree programs at West Virginia University.  

The primary goal of the FSC is to maximize impact on student learning and retention through: 

  • Collaboration 

  • STEM Engagement 

  • Student Support 

  • Evaluation 

The Updated STEM Path

During Spring 2022 semester, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences called together an assembly of Academic Advisors, Lab Coordinators, and Faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics to discuss the development of a data-based, streamlined, more accessible, and better aligned STEM path for WVU students.  The updated STEM pathway of courses is the result of this collaboration and will be implemented in Fall 2024.